LATEST: N.Y. Supreme Court Judge issues
Temporary Restraining Order on
Washington Nationals, MLB

New York Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Marks ruled on Aug. 7, 2014 that the Washington Nationals cannot take any action to terminate the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network’s (MASN) license to telecast Nationals games until Marks makes his final ruling.

Here is the latest from The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker on the ongoing TV rights dispute.

Nationals sought tripling of TV rights fees from MASN

Aug. 9, 2014

“The Washington Nationals sought television rights fees nearly three times what the team receives now from the Baltimore Orioles-controlled Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, according to documents unsealed by a New York court last week…

…Any decrease in MASN’s margin would be a blow to the Orioles because 85 percent of the network’s profits flow to Baltimore and 15 percent to Washington, based on their ownership share of the network. Washington’s share will climb by 1 percentage point a year up to 33 percent.

‘Until the Award, MLB had never forced any (regional sports network) achieving greater than a 20 percent profit margin from baseball programming to operate on less,’ said a petition filed with the court by MASN attorneys. ‘And several related-party (regional sports networks) have been permitted profit margins from baseball programming well in excess of 20 percent.'”

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