By ADAM KILGORE and JAMES WAGNER | August 8, 2014 | The Washington Post

Having set the terms of their television rights dispute with the Washington Nationals as a battle for the viability of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, the Baltimore Orioles claimed a preliminary, significant legal victory in New York Supreme Court on Thursday afternoon.

A judge found Major League Baseball temporarily cannot take further action against MASN and the Orioles in regard to the ruling MLB’s arbitration panel made in favor of the Nationals on June 30, which the Orioles and MASN described in court filings as corrupt.

The judge enjoined both the Nationals and MLB, the first step in challenging the MLB arbitration panel’s ruling. It is believed to be the first time MLB has been enjoined.

“The court made no determination regarding the merits of MASN’s and the Orioles’ claims but merely instructed the parties to maintain the status quo until a further hearing can be conducted later in the month,” an MLB spokesman said. “We remain committed to working with both clubs to reach an amicable resolution.”

The MLB spokesman said only the Nationals — and not MLB — had been enjoined. But both the Nationals and MLB were listed as respondents on the order the judge signed.

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